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Serving Those Who Serve Others.


Opioid Awareness Project

Through a 2019 Grant from the State of Wisconsin, WEMSA developed materials and resources, including this website, to build awareness and educate the public and key community leaders on opioid abuse, addiction, detection and prevention. WEMSA continues to operate this website after the grant ended.


Emergency Medical Service units are in a unique position in their communities to be able to provide resources beyond responding to emergency calls. This project seeks to take a proactive position in educating the public and making a positive impact on the opioid epidemic.

State of The Epidemic

The misuse of opioids has increased dramatically in recent years. While efforts to change prescriptions and educate patients have started to have an impact, the epidemic has already touched millions of lives.

In Wisconsin, there was a sharp increase in opioid-related emergency room visits from 2014-2017. There are many factors that have contributed to the disturbing statistics. The more important question is “What can we do about it?”

We have put this site together to be a resource for individuals, to build awareness, and to create community so that, together, we can be part of the solution.

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